For certain moments in our life, no amount of photography is enough. Your quinceanera’s special journey, shouldn’t be one of those moments. Bella Quinces and Photography offers several types of videography to allow you take these delightful memories with you. Our videography covers from covers all of our quinceanera precious moments from the moment she’s getting ready for her quinceaera photography sessions, to when she mesmerized the crowd with her elegance at her quinceranera party. We also offer other fun quinceanera videography sessions which you may add to your distinctly designed DVD or BLU Ray, which depending on your selection can last from 1-3 hours. For example, your quincenanera can have her very own spotlight in her very own music video. Which of course, we can any background song, choreography, or friends she might like to bring along, anything she might imagine to capture her wonderous true quinceanera self.

Bella Quinces & Photography’s Behind-the-scenes offers a clip of all the magichappening during thequinceanera’s professional photo session. The Behind-the-scene will capture all the moments from her getting her make up ready until the very last picture is taken at any of our extraordinary quicneanera venues. If your quinceanera is all about the party, then she must have our Getting Ready videography session.Our Getting Ready includes all the must have details before the night is celebrated away. It’ll contain all the preparations your quinceanera will do before entering the party, which would be getting her make-up and hair ready, and putting on our breathtaking quinceanera dress. Bella Quinces and Photography will also capture the little moments that every quinceanera mom and quicneanera dad experience, and that’s them realizing that their little quinceanera is growing up to be wonderful woman.

The emotional moments don’t end there; we’ll also take videos of all the hard work that was put into where the party is taking place. Bella Quinces & Photography understands that organizing a party is no joke, so we can imagine the effort that goes into a quinceanera party, everything from the napkin fold, center pieces, sitting arrangement to the venue, theme, and stage, rest assure we capture it all.Bella Quinces & Photography will even stay to record the party. We’ll celebrate with you the success of the night with you to put it in film, and make sure all the magic is captured. Our professional quinceanera videographers are the best in the business, and they’re ready to capture it all while you enjoy your quinceanera’s becoming of age.